Emmdale Roadhouse is about 113km into the 260km from Wilcannia to Cobar. Reviews available on the internet have not been flattering, and I was expecting to buy water and camp out on the road. In fact, Emmdale is a gem. “A roadhouse with attitude” was bought a few months ago by Christina and Virginia, who had stopped there for fuel on a motorbike road trip to WA. They already appear to have a regular clientle who are stopping not for fuel or beer,  but for company.

I walked around the side of the building to be greeted by the Christina and Tania who were relaxing over a beer and white wine. I was made welcome, offered the use of powerpoints to charge my gear, directed to a gratis hot shower, and given an enormous steak  sandwich with the lot for tea. My only complaint about this is that Tania supplied me with a normal knife and fork instead of a chainsaw. A group of people who appeared to have driven in from a local station for tea were similarly impressed with their meals.

They have real- repeat, real coffee.

Emmdale Roadhouse

What an amazing roadhouse. Decent music, board games, a selection of books and a lounge suite outweigh the usual collection of engine oils and such. This is not to mention the fresh muffins, which can be supplied with ice-cream.

Christina and Tania (Virginia is away at present) provide a lesson in graciousness that is a lesson to any church or business.  Was I really hungry after my ride? If so, my tea could be bumped up the queue? Was there anything else I needed? They treat you like a real guest, not a customer.

In the morning Tania spotted one of my water bottles and asked if she could fill it with rainwater. I said I’d bring them all in later, if that was OK, which it was. When I arrived with all eight, she didn’t blink. I was given a free coffee, not even had breakfast off their menu.

This  is the must have stop on the way to Cobar. I've lost a day to the nonstop headwinds and bad surfaces, but Emmdale was a real lift. Thanks, Christina. I owe you one.

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