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Why ?
Alan Kwon 06-08-2013
Rev Prior, I applaud you for making known your view on the Kingdom of God. I hope you are just as willing to listen to opposing views. I don't agree we have a hand in God's kingdom being established in this world. Nor do I agree that this world needs Christains to dispense their own flavor of social justice. But I don't think I should dismiss your view given that we are all under God's grace. Can you afford to be so definite about your view? I think we have to allow God to work his 'magic' from the infinite possibilities that he alone has at his disposal. I hope the view held by you will further the kingdom of God even if I disagree with it. But I also hope that you'd leave a space in your heart for magical possibilities God so often surprises us with. God bless.

Re Why?
Andrew 08-08-2013
Alan, thanks for your note. I have added some comments pertinent to this at the end of the post at Andrew

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