Mum and Dad still!

I left home at 17. I made my way in the world. Not for me to be one of these men who never leave home. And no using my parents as unpaid daily child care either. I have made my own way.

So it came as a surprise. I was day dreaming of times to come. Thinking of retirement of all things! It must have been a down day and I needed the encouragement!

People were saying what a good bloke I was, and how much I had done for people. I was a little proud, not too much, and thought how proud Mum and Dad must be of me.

And then I realised! There was no one to tell! They will be dead by then. I felt a little pang of disappointment.


Somehow, for all my independence, I have still been trying to please them. What decisions have I made based on, or coloured by, the need to please?

Sept 28 2001

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