Sarah Wyatt Prior 18.6.1838 - 2.6.1923

Sarah Anne (Wyatt) PriorSarah, who was born in Bristol, arrived in Australia with her parents when she was eleven. Having sailed on the ship "Harry Lonequear" the family spent Christmas Day 1849 at anchor in Port Adelaide. After a period on the Victorian goldfields, Sarah's parents took up land near Allendale North.

It was here that Sarah met Jonathan. Like most pioneer women Sarah had her favourite recipes and remedies, two of which follow.

In 10 quarts of water put 3 Ibs. of quick lime and 6 Ibs. of washing soda, mix well together. Boil for half an hour and let it stand till clear. then strain off the size; add to it 1 lb. of resin and 7 lbs. of fat. Boil for half an hour, then let it stand till cold, and then cut into bars.

1 tablespoon full of linseed, about l.& Inches of liquorice, 1 pint of water. Boil this mixture slowly for 4 hours, then strain it off from the linseed. Take a dessertspoon full occasionally.

On Jonathan's death Sarah returned from Laura to the farm, where she lived with her son Thomas. During the latter years of her life she was confined to a wheelchair and had a full-time nurse to look after her. Although only two years old at the time, I can remember being nursed by Great-Grandmother as she was wheeled about the house. 

Sarah died on 2 June 1923 and was buried alongside Jonathan.

© Mel Prior