Beginning Worship

This prayer is one attempt at responding to, and rejoicing with, the news of the day. It was used at the beginning of worship on the day after Jessica Watson came home.

Here we are in Australia
Blown away by the exploits
of a tiny 16 year old girl
who has sailed around the world.

Thanks be to God for adventure
for hope
for vision
for joy...
and for rejoicing in achievement.

Jessica Watson said
she had to disagree with the Prime Minister
"I don't consider myself a hero.
"I'm an ordinary girl who had a dream." 

We are ordinary, O God.
Thank you we may dream.
Thank you for a new baby girl.
Thank you for Callum, and Akuk, Ajak and Cameron
in our photos on the screen this morning.
Thank you for Renee and Betty,
all signs and symbols
of your love
and the mystery of life
of hope
and potential
and faithfulness.

Let us be ordinary people indeed.
But ordinary people who have a dream.
A dream to live for the good.
A dream to live for the best.
A dream to live for God.

In Jesus name we pray.

Andrew Prior



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