Great Prayer for Luke 18:1-8

Great Prayer
In the beginning there was Eden.
Then there was the promise of a Land
flowing with milk and honey.
And always we spoiled it.
Always we were greedy
full of envy
unjust to others.

And always you were faithful
sending prophets
reminding of our calling
refreshing the vision.

Always, O God you were faithful.
The story of your love persisted
in our people
and in people everywhere
calling us beyond ourselves.

Then you sent Jesus
full of good news
of the Kingdom of Heaven.
The vision restated
the vision refreshed
new holiness
Kingdom coming among us,
and still people did not listen.

They put him to death
and we know
that if we were in the crowd
we too may have cried out crucify Him!

And still you are faithful.
Still you persist with us.
Through his death we have seen life
and as we meet together
and eat bread and drink wine
we find Kingdom of God among us.

For this O God we thank you.



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