Response to the Word

Response in Prayer as we grieve our losses
Note that the congregation repeated the prayer. There is nothing on paper, or up on the screeen.
(Please repeat the lines after me)

I  confess my inadequacy to reach out to more people
I  own my grief that our congregation is so small
I are ashamed that we have  powerless for so long.
I am afraid to make changes and begin something new
when I don’t know if it will work, or quite how to go about it.

God help me live love to the people around me.
God move me to love the person next door.
God give me courage to be a friend to the person sitting next to me.
Help me live like Jesus.

Grant me peace in my heart because I am loved.
Grant me peace in my heart because God loves me.
Grant  me joy in my soul, because God is my home, and gives me a life.

Andrew Prior



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