Great Prayer for Trinity


This Great Prayer was written for this  Trinity sermon

The Great Prayer
At the Beginning.... ... ...
something... exploded into being
star stuff
far flung
incomprehensible   distance
chaos   fire   fury   even anarchy
and the Dance was here...
as Maker Word and Spirit
began to draw all things
to Itself.

In the beginning
elemental forces
were corralled  into quadrilles
The earth was a formless void
and darkness covered the waters
and the Word spoke.
The Spirit swept the face of the waters
Making continued
as God drew all things to Herself.

The Spirit breathed life into the dust
adam and eve
dust and life
humankind in the image of God.

But adam must dance his own dance
dragging eve away from the rhythms of harmony
stepping out into the dissonance
of pathetic palsy instantly regretted.

And although you called us prodigals home, Father,
sending prophets
who rehearsed the chorus of life
who cut in to the poisonous progression
of our aimless marching about...
we always rejected the call.

And God danced
Spirit Father and Son
Three step and tritone
the dance never done.

The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness did not overcome it.

The Son came
God stepping out with us
singing a new song
the same song
a love song of life.
A love filled lament
cried on a cross
when even the Dance seemed stilled.

And in him....
we have learned to walk again.
We begin to hold a tune.
Simple rhythm flows in our fingers
sneaks into our toes
and the dance
that has never ceased being
begins again
as we step out with You, O God.

And so with the singers and dancers and saints
of all time,
we sing

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
God of Dance and Life.
Blessed is the one who comes to us
Bringing the life of God.

For Jesus is with us
Pioneer of our faith
Lord of the Dance
Keeper of the Way
God of all.

And when life is done
and we lie dying,
the Dance will go on
and we will be caught up
in the full harmony,
the perfect beat,
drawn into the Trinity of Perfection
and the Dance of Always. Amen

Prayer After Communion
Holy God, Three in One
Ever dancing
Ever loving
ever calling us back to you
we have come.
You have fed us
and poured music into our souls
go with us now
that we may carry the dance 
throughout your world
and serve you well. Amen



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