Deep, deep love

We prayed this prayer after the singing of O the deep, deep love of Jesus (TIS 232)


your love is
vast, un-measured, boundless, free
rolling like a mighty ocean
in its fullness over me

underneath me, all around me
is the current of thy love

your love is not limited
you don’t say
i will only love you if...

your love is lasting
all my painful behaviour
my tiresome shortcomings
come nowhere near
wearing out your love

the skeptic said to me
how foolish you are to think
there is an old man
somewhere in heaven
who loves you
and makes things happen

and i said
you do not understand
that god is way beyond the image
of a person

with the capital letter
is bringing all that is
and all that is beyond is
to a wholeness

i tried to say i call Love
because you are not a thing
not a mindless process
but More

You are the
Love of every love the best
an ocean vast of blessing
a haven of sweet rest
a heaven of heavens



i give You  my heart


Andrew Prior



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