Day 11 -12

Day 11: Thursday 21 July
I camped with Bruce, Madeline, and Andrew, so it was a late night of 9:15 before bed! It was a great night, with beer and wine, and good reminiscing. 

Day 12: Friday 22
Very, very tired. The cold I've caught has been sapping me. I took two cold tablets am and p.m., but my throat and windpipe are very sore.  At least today the wind was west and south west, so I had almost a tail wind at times , and the bitumen was much better. Yesterday they were periods I struggled to make 10 kilometres an hour.

Said goodbye to Bruce Andrew and Madeline, and left camp at 8 a.m. Stopped at 20km mark for morning tea and spotted a beautiful patch of Sturt Desert Pea.

Sturt Desert Pea

Sturt Desert PeaI had  lunch just north of Indulkana, and also stopped and took photos where the highway crosses the train line in the Indulkana Hills.

Indulkana Hills in the distance Indulkana Hills in the distance

Sharing the road!

More hills before Indulkana

Indulkana in the distance

Indulkana Ridge

Lunch Break

Where the road crosses the Ghan

It’s beautiful country which had me close to tears. I took a photo of the mail run road into Kenmore—our old way into Ernabella-- it's now a graded road instead of a two rut track.

The Mail Run

De Rose Hill Station has both sides of the road fenced, and the ungrazed country along the highway is amazing. A hint of how rich the country may once have been.

Ungrazed Land.

I'm about 70 kilometres south of Kulgera, and would like to push on past there, but this wretched cold will determine how far I get tomorrow.

The wind is still supposed to be west, southwest. I guess we will see.

Le outing Citroen…. as you do!

Bed time.

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