Notes: Day 13

Day 13: Saturday July 23
On the road at 7:52. Gentle tail breeze most of the day. Warm with the sun out, but gilet weather most of the time. I made Kulgera at 12:24 for second lunch, and rang Wendy on the pub phone. Two lots of cold tablets today, made good time, but the cold is still sapping me.

I had a nice chat with the West Australian couple doing Oz on trail bikes, and gave them my left over water that I’d bought in the pub.

Rest Break

I hope I can ring Kev from Erldunda tomorrow and sort out Alice Springs accommodation. I should get there Monday night.

The Castle

The Neighbourhood

I have water leaking in the trailer. I’m not sure if a tank lid was not tight enough, or if I have a leak in a tank. I can't find one, but it's messy.

I found a gate through a cattle fence tonight, so I'm in a couple of hundred yards from the road. Last night was too close and noisy for comfort.

I changed the battery in my CatEye trip metre. It kept the odometer reading which is nice. We'll see about tyre size tomorrow; the operating system is impenetrable, and I can’t work out how to check it.

The Border

Sunset North of Kulgera

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