Days 39 - 40 Blackall and Tambo

Day 39: Thursday August 18
Blackall 107kms
Up at 5. On the road at 6:15. I had a really nice ride that brought me into Blackall at 1:15 p.m. I also have a very sore right ankle, which I turned on the edge of the road. I heard it crack, but it seems OK. There is actually a Pharmacy here, so I've bought some strapping. Blackall also has a bowling club! I am back in civilisation for sure! The caravan park cooks a full roast in camp ovens each night, but I had my usual Trangia stew and just enjoyed the live music. Also had a long conversation with a farmer from Leeton about water rights and environmental flows.

Telephoto shot of the Barcaldine - Blackall road

This Roly-Poly sits outside Blackall. I saw a few of the real ones during the day.

Cactablastus didn't get all of us!

There was very little wind until midday and then only a light side wind. I found myself enjoying fences, paddocks, roadside mailboxes, and power poles and am realising just how emptied out and exhausted I've become from the outside country and the constant headwinds.

I love country letterboxes

Gidyea Country

I averaged 18 kilometres an hour today instead of 12 to 13. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but it certainly feels a lot better than recent days.

Day 40: Friday August 19th
Tambo 102kms
I'm at Tambo in a run down caravan park. Rain is threatening. It was a really nice ride, but the park is a real downer; I am still fragile, and nearly went down to the new park which costs double plus! But while writing this, a kookaburra came and sat on the table 2 feet away, which lifted my spirits.

Somewhere in Queensland, my Mum and Dad were warned that these blokes were in the habit or raiding camp tables. Dad apparently saw something out of the corner of his eye and lunged for his jam and toast. I never heard what happened to the toast, but Dad ended up with a handful of very indignant kookaburra!

Tomorrow I'm heading for Augathella. There are hints of rain, and the wind is moving southerly, so it will be a hard day.

I had stomach cramps today after lunch so I threw out the rest of Barcaldine "sourdough." In the tiny local store here I found bread with a best before 24th of August date on it- real sourdough-- so it may be better.

I saw crops today for the first time since Wilmington!

I told a Shaw's driver today how much I appreciate their passing policy compared to some of the cowboy road trains who pass closer than a metre at high speed. He said they scare him too!

I saw a substantial station homestead and sheds today which have been abandoned. I guess it's been bought out by a neighbour, but it's still sad to see.

This evening I also met two cyclists riding from Port Augusta to Karumba-- gulf to gulf-- who are riding with a support vehicle and staying in motels! A great ride, but they must be made of money.

I think I'm getting through the exhaustion, but I'm still pretty fragile, which is a good reason for taking a motel or even just a donga tomorrow at Augathella.

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