Day 43 - 44 - Mitchell

Day 43 - 44 Monday August 22
Mitchell 90kms

I stayed in the Pickabox motel in Morven, which is run as a diversification project by a couple of local farmers. They can issue a key to you by phone, and take payment remotely. I had a great little room. He loves coffee; their little reception area smells beautiful. I gave him my Vietnamese coffee maker to add to his collection of coffee makers, because I spent last night doing a serious downsize.

I've posted home my good clothes wrapped around the dead computer, and donated most of my food containers, my spare battery, and my Jerrycans to the motel. The panniers are packed in the bottom of the trailer, and I'm around 20 kilos lighter than when I left Tennant Creek with a full load of water.

Today the bike handled better; I could park by grounding the trailer, and I managed, according to the GPS, just under 20 kilometres an hour average for the day. It has been rolling hill country with a lot of timber, good road surfaces and side winds. Being able to coast a bit makes so much different to the feel of a ride.

I didn't get rained on, and am currently in a donga in Mitchell. It was trying to rain at Morven when I left, and It's trying to rain here now, but nothing like the blues and yellow showing on the radar.

I have greens! Sno peas! I'm cooking Brussels sprouts to add to Dutch curry soup, and then a big pie for main course. And of course, I chucked my fork in the name of saving weight, because I've not used it the whole trip!

I woke up around 2am and checked the radar which suggested a 5am start would probably beat the rain to Roma, now that the first rain band had passed us. I decided against that, although later consultation suggests I was correct. It has been raining off and on all day, but the rain band is sheering off to the south of Roma. However, there are two more following.

I think I will just leave early tomorrow, come what may, and head for a donga in Roma. Rain is forecast to be "easing."

The plan is to walk into town later and get some tea, and take an early night. I'll check the radar at 5.30 tomorrow and take a guess at the best time to leave. It's only 80km, so I can do it all in the rain if necessary, but it's never pleasant.

The last downhill into Mitchell

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