Day 42: Morven

Day 42: Sunday August 21
Morven 92kms

Thinning the smaller trees. The idea is to grow more grass, but what I saw of these places had precious little Mitchell grass and a lot of very ephemeral looking stuff.

Today was 92 kilometres to Morven. The wind was ok, but I didn't have the legs to do another 92 to Mitchell. I'm really tired, and need to let myself recuperate a bit. Some of it is the sudden onset of hay fever season; I've started the annual three month drug fest, but my eyes feel like they are dropping out, and I have that hay fever aching tiredness.

Morven, which I thought unusual, because it has no pub. Apparently it burned down last year.

I've taken a not cheap motel here, and I'm using the space to repack the bike. Hopefully tomorrow I will leave with no panniers, which are packed in the bottom of the trailer, and a lot less weight. [Here we see the limitations of Google Voice, which said: with not penius Witcher packed in the bottom of the trailer... What were they thinking?]

I've taken out the 5 litre water containers, the real back country bike spares, my old bushwalking poncho, sleeping sheet, and so on. I have one bag of "good clothes" to post home in the morning. I'd like to get the dud computer in with them, but it's not working out at the moment. I have kept about 5 to 6 meals worth of cooking, chucked the rest, and will now buy food for tea etc.

Tomorrow is Mitchell where I will probably take a rest day to sit out the rain. They are forecasting up to 60 mils, and I have no desire to ride to Roma in that.

I went to church 3 p.m. at St. Anne's, Morven. I cleaned up with Muc-Off, but felt pretty scungy, what with shock cord holding my trousers up. I saw that the priest was using a tie for a belt and relaxed straight away.  A nice bloke is Stefan. He has a huge parish. He said, "Normally they send you where there's a priest or two and an organist, and you learn how to do it after college, but here I am, a deacon, out here!"

Movement triggered sirens instead of grids



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