Soul Sickness

Posted 26-6-2004
What ails thee, my soul?

It seems all things, Sire, for l am tired and nothing wipes away the weariness. 
Nothing tempts the tastebuds to be entertained.
I eke an existence working at what I must, but wish only to be somewhere, and something else.
Depression descends from a wisp of cloud to a wrapping fog.
I want to do things- I want to enjoy... but always the trivia of the day demands me, or if free of that, I am too tired.

Will you desert me, O my Soul,
and leave me a bitter shell,
empty of spirit and lost of life?

Where else can I go, Sire? 
You are my life. There is no one else. 
When I am silent and alone- when the crowds have gone and the night has come, I love you.
You are me. I am you. It is well.


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